My name is Joy and I’m a brindle German boxer.


I was born on 11th of March 2013 (don’t forget to send me a birthday card!)

I am “purebred”, which means I have a pedigree, which is basically my family tree. I live a happy life on an organic farm, where I have many many friends (cows, hens, a rooster, a goose and deer). I also have a little half-sister, Ruby – she’s a chihuahua. I like long walks and hikes, tennis balls, car rides, rolling in mud, chasing cats, jumping on people, and food. Food is like the best thing there is! I have successfully passed an obedience exam B-BH, which means I am a very smart dog, but I don’t always obey because where’s the fun in that? I like it when my humans have to chase me, it’s like we’re playing 🙂

I love my family and my family loves me!

Hope you like my page and I would like to hear from you, feel free to comment!!!

joy paw

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